Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the passing of 2013.....

early morning on the flight line at Hickam Air Force Base

wave watchers on the North shore 
welcome to the family Cayden

Nicole and Cayden

Susan and Cayen

grandpa and Cayden

little feet

weather from the back deck

bath time

waves at Shark's Cove

west side waves

sunset and waves

gotta get some rest

waiting for the big day

so far so good
 This year was full of many wonderful happenings, to include a wonderful wedding and an even more wonderful maternity and then there was the birth of a new member, Cayden. We are once again amazed by having an infant in our lives. It has been twenty years to the day, Cayden happened to arrive on the same day as Nicole's birthday. Christmas has come and gone, so I will keep shooting photographs. Hope that you will continue to enjoy the pictures, remember, please leave your comments so that I can bring you more in the coming days.....aloha

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Super moon shoot,,,

 With high anticipation, we all gathered to photograph the "super moon". There was on obstacle in the way, you got it, the clouds were high and low. This made it very difficult to photograph. In its place was the awesome sunset, it was very impressive. That made up for the lack of moon visibility. I guess we will have to wait until the next "super moon"....aloha

Friday, June 14, 2013

just another sunset....

 Just another sunset evening, but it happens to be one of my favorite things to shoot. Each day brings a different sky to be photographed. There are all sorts of people that come to view the sunsets. There was a group of ladies that were doing fire twirling, that was something different but interesting to shoot. So if there is nothing particular to shoot, there is always a sunset.....aloha

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

just cruising the south side and enjoying the orchids

Today was one of those days that you see the islands in all it's glory...blue skies puffy clouds, blue ocean, and the flowers are everywhere. I decided to take a drive to the South shore and catch some 8-12 foot waves, that means the surfers, body boarders, and boogie boarders are definitely having a good time. Just as expected, the drive was all that and a bag of chips, the place was looking beautiful. I only shot photos for about and hour and a half, then it was time to jump on the road to beat the evening traffic. Some times it is hard to leave but when you think of all those people trying to get home, it is an easy decision. So back in the car and headed back to the west side......aloha for now,.

later on in the p.m. on June 4

Some days just have that look about them that produces an array pf beautiful colors. You just have eo be in strategic places to capture the moment. I truly enjoy cruising out to KoOlina resort area because it is one of those locations. It is pretty hard to be disappointed because the it didn't produce the ideal sunset for you. I enjoy it everytime I am there. Maybe one day I will catch the green flash as the sun sets.....who knows...aloha

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Waterfalls on the H-3 and the Koolau Mountain Range

Finally, the rains came and came and came some more. It was a photographers dream day. It rained off and on but I managed to stay dry. There were waterfalls before I made through the tunnel, there are not usually waterfalls before the tunnel, but today there was an exception. I was really pumped up to shoot some great waterfalls and I must say that I wasn't disappointed.They were everywhere on the Koolaus, even a rainy day can be beautiful...aloha