Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the passing of 2013.....

early morning on the flight line at Hickam Air Force Base

wave watchers on the North shore 
welcome to the family Cayden

Nicole and Cayden

Susan and Cayen

grandpa and Cayden

little feet

weather from the back deck

bath time

waves at Shark's Cove

west side waves

sunset and waves

gotta get some rest

waiting for the big day

so far so good
 This year was full of many wonderful happenings, to include a wonderful wedding and an even more wonderful maternity and then there was the birth of a new member, Cayden. We are once again amazed by having an infant in our lives. It has been twenty years to the day, Cayden happened to arrive on the same day as Nicole's birthday. Christmas has come and gone, so I will keep shooting photographs. Hope that you will continue to enjoy the pictures, remember, please leave your comments so that I can bring you more in the coming days.....aloha

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